A Thing of the Spirit

Keeping ever before us the desire to be loyal to our Alma Mater and our Fraternity, the desire to develop the best that is in us but at the same time submerge our own interests in the interests of others, and the desire to be an active man in college, an affectionate and wise husband in the home, a tireless and good humored bread winner, and a clean sportsman in all recreations, we will slowly approach not only the ideal Chi Psi but the ideal citizen and American.

- Roger M. Hawthorne, Bowdoin 1928

A Tribute to Fellowship

A Tribute to FellowshipAlpha Rho Night, August 11, 1989 was also the occasion for a surprise presentation to H.G. 'Bones' Lundberg, P 1924. Herbert Dunmeyer, Rho 1954, the moving spirit of the Alumni Association Committee, made the presentation of an original sculpture depicting Bones with his hands on the shoulders of every Brother whose life he had touched. Sitting in with Bones, alongside the sculpture is Thomas Storr, #1, P 1990.